Laurie Steed is the author of the forthcoming novel You Belong Here, and winner of the 2013 Patricia Hackett Prize for fiction. His work has appeared in Best Australian Stories, Award Winning Australian WritingThe Age, Meanjin, Westerly, Island, The Sleepers Almanac and elsewhere.

He teaches creative writing, assesses short fiction, mentors emerging writers and lives in Perth, Western Australia.


"Laurie Steed’s stories are sometimes tender, sometimes brutal, and always beautifully written. He is a writer to watch.”

— Ryan O'Neill

“Laurie Steed is one of the exciting new names in Australian writing – his stories are smart, soulful and challenging. I can’t wait to see what he does next.”

— Paddy O'Reilly

"Laurie Steed has dedicated himself to the short story form, and his passion for it shows through in his work. His stories provide those moments of insight one hopes for in fiction: insight into how we live and relate as lovers, parents, and families."

— Nathan Hobby

"Laurie's enthusiasm for his craft is wonderfully infectious; his writing is honest and elegant. I recommend him in every way."

— Brigid Lowry

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