You Belong Here


A family falls apart in suburban Perth in the mid-1980s. Along the way, they find reasons to stay together, alone, while searching for the love they once shared.

Jen and Steven hope to build a home that’s nothing like the chaos in which they grew up. Meeting at sixteen, they marry soon after, and by the time they’re eighteen, Jen is pregnant. 

Initially, child rearing helps keep them together, but soon they drift apart. In the midst of a difficult divorce, Alex, Emily, and Jay learn to take care of themselves, and to subvert, subjugate and ignore their wants, needs and emotions.

As they grow into adulthood, each explores how best to live in the face of familial legacy; the choices they have, and how they might move forward as a family.

You Belong Here is a study in personal, cultural and geographic isolation. It traces the Slater family from the years 1972-2002 and finds faith and redemption in a raw, at times heartbreaking but ultimately hopeful meditation on what it means to be a family in modern Australia.


“You Belong Here is an unforgettable exploration of the things that hold families together, and tear them apart. It finds the extraordinary in ordinary lives, and brings a tenderness, honesty and sense of humour that’s rarely seen in Australian fiction. It’s beautifully written and stays with you long after it is finished.”

 - Ryan O'Neill, author, Their Brilliant Careers, The Weight of a Human Heart


You Belong Here will be published by Margaret River Press in March 2018.