You Belong here

Forthcoming from Margaret River Press in March 2018

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‘Come in. Press PLAY. Tell me what you like about this song. Shout out your dreams, cravings, obsessions from when the track starts, right through to the end. I’ll shout too, you, me, together, louder until we’re a wall of sound. We are trying to find things, people, places we love, and everything counts—songs, films, books, fathers, lovers, friends, and brothers.’

Jen and Steven meet at sixteen and marry at eighteen. Soon they’re the parents of three young children.

Initially, the kids keep them together until love turns to lies and the family implodes. As they grow into adults, each child faces love and loss in the shadow of their family legacy.

You Belong Here is a book about trust and connection. About what keeps us going, in spite of ourselves.

About a place where we belong.


“You Belong Here is an unforgettable exploration of the things that hold families together, and tear them apart. It finds the extraordinary in ordinary lives, and brings a tenderness, honesty and sense of humour that’s rarely seen in Australian fiction. It’s beautifully written and stays with you long after it is finished.”

 - Ryan O'Neill, author, Their Brilliant Careers, The Weight of a Human Heart

"In You Belong Here, Laurie Steed brings us the Slaters, a family with all the dysfunction of an Anne Tyler novel, but with a distinctively Australian feel. The characters are flawed—impulsive, selfish, proud, fragile—and we see ourselves reflected beautifully through them. It is a novel heavy with angst and longing, enriched with clever musical references, which both anchor us and enhance our sense of nostalgia. At times I felt transported back to my teenage self—music blaring, face buried in a pillow, overcome with heartache, but also rather enjoying myself."

- Melanie Cheng, author, Australia Day

"A beautiful read."

- Les Zigomanis, Author, Pride, Just Another Week in Suburbia